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VESTA is a German and European player in the field of industrial services. Our core competencies are the dry-out and controlled cool-down of industrial furnaces, and the repair and optimization of combustion chambers. 

Temperature management ‘Made in Germany’

These services are needed in glass, cement and steel production, in power stations and waste incineration plants, all of which heat different materials in refractory furnaces highly susceptible to damage or malfunction. After repairing older furnaces or prior to operating new ones, special steps are required to protect furnace installations and to reduce the risk of production stoppages to a minimum. Our teams of specialists shut down and cool down refractory plants in a controlled way so that these can be heated-up again – without any safety risks.
Our clients appreciate VESTA’s reliability and experience in the field of the controlled cooling and reheating of industrial furnaces. In addition to the services involved in drying out, tempering and firing refractory plants, VESTA supports the glass industry in optimizing thier process burner technique – and is ready to do so at any point on the globe.

We are a tested and certified company in accordance to
SCC ** 2011 and DIN ISO 9001

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