Dry-out cement plant(kiln hood)
Preheater tower

Dry-out of Cement, lime and calcining plants

With cement, lime and calcining plants, some characteristics apply to the drying process. To ensure an optimal dry-out, we adapt the distribution of our burners in the preheater tower for every plant individually. At this juncture, the rotating tube is not part of the dry-out, but it still needs to be sealed off to prevent an infiltration of its stones with humidity from the concrete. Drying out smaller areas is, depending on the requirements, also possible with our heating mats.

The dry-out is necessary, because a direct start of the plant's burners would result in immediate and uncontrolled temperatures of >200°C and cause damages within the plant, especially in the areas if the cooler and the lower preheater tower. In addition, it is not possible to ensure consistent ventilation and temperature ratios with these permanently installed burner units. This especially is true for lower temperature ranges.

Generally, there are special aspects to be considered for the various types of plants. With cement plants, you have to note the preheater tower, cooler and rotating tube, whereas a lime plant demands to take the shaft furnace into consideration. Drying a calcining plant on the other hand requires to monitor the carburettor, cyclone and dip pot.



These components have to be considered during a dry-out.


Cement plant:

  • preheater tower
  • cooler
  • rotating tube


Lime plant:

  • shaft furnace


Calcining plant:

  • carburettor
  • cyclone
  • dip pot

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