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Iron and Steel

Heat treatment furnaces(pusher furnace/continuous furnace/annealing furnace/walking-beam furnace)

The dry-out of heat treatment furnaces requires taking some special features into consideration. A direct start of the plant’s burners results in immediate and uncontrolled temperatures of >200°C, which causes damages within the plant. These kinds of furnaces are lined with special material and techniques, which is why it is absolutely necessary to perform a slow and controlled dry-out and heat-up. 



Pig iron mixer

While working at pig iron mixers, we install a special arrangement of thermocouples and heat up to 1.100°C. As soon as the operating temperature is achieved, we hand over the plant to our client, who then controls it with the operating burners.



Coke plant

Heating of a coke plant demands a consideration of several special features. The heating of the regenerator needs to be consistent, because it is lined with silica bricks. Due to the material extension, a slow and steady heat-up of the burning chamber with coke gas is necessary to prevent the creation of cracks. The operating burners are not suitable for this process as they would heavily increase the temperature in the burning chamber in a very short amount of time. We perform the heating indirectly via a pipe system to ensure that the continuing operations of the plant are not affected by our works. Therefor Vesta GmbH offers a  well-engineered security system to ensure a smooth procedure over the whole period of time.




These aspects need to be considered during a dry-out.


Heat treatment furnaces:

  • slow and controlled dry-out and heat-up due to special lining


Pig iron mixer:

  • arrangement of thermocouples
  • heating up to 1.100°C, then taker over by permanent burners


Coke plant

  • slow and steady heat-up of the burning chamber
  • constant temperature needed in the regenerator(silica bricks)
  • heating with coke gas
  • continuing operations without interruption

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