Glass draining Vesta GmbH
Heating up of a glass furnace by Vesta GmbH

Cooling and heating up of glass furnaces in the glass industry

Cooling and heating up

We monitor the controlled cooling and reheating process of glass furnaces with our custom-designed and continously optimized burner systems and our perfected control and safety system.

Our team of experts possess detailled knowledge and extensive experience in heating of float tanks, container and hollow glasware furnaces, and the special and fibre flass sector.



Control of regenerator and furnace steel anchorage

Anchorage is the adjustment of the furnace's steel anchoring base to the increasing or decreasing temperatures, which is performed by our most experienced staff. With float tanks, we specifically deploy experts(metalworkers in particular), who have widespread experience in anchoring. Therefore, we are able to find solution measures immediately if the anchorage material or structure show any unusual behaviour.

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